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IMG_0100Hi everyone! If you are new to the Kylie’s Corner & More Blog, my name is Kylie. I have been writing in the Bulletin for my church and my column is called, “Kylie’s Corner.” It has almost been four years now since I have been writing and I have recently created this blog. I love inspiring people and spreading the Word of God. This blog is made to help you with anything that you may be going through. I hope God touches you through my words just like how He touched my heart. I want my blog to reach other people like you because this world needs to have God. I am doing all of this for the Glory of God because He has blessed me with so much. He is in the spotlight now.

I hope you all enjoy the Kylie’s Corner & More blog as much as I love writing blog posts for my subscribers. Please don’t be afraid to reach out to me because I truly do want to help with whatever you are struggling with.

You can now purchase the Kylie’s Corner book directly on my blog here. I want to thank those who have already purchased their copy and it means so much to me.

(At the very bottom of that page, there are Icons of Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and iTunes. Click on whichever platform you want to purchase my book from and it will take you straight to the link where you can order it. It is also available as an E-book!)