Is It A Trick Or Treat?

Happy Halloween, everyone! I hope you all take the time to spend it with your family! Honestly, today is so special to me because of four years ago on Halloween, my family actually got an adorable puppy when we attended a family party! Yep, you read that right! My family and I didn't know that … Continue reading Is It A Trick Or Treat?

Not Today, Satan. Not Today.

Have you ever felt like someone was inside of you trying to control you with every chance they could get? Did you hear a voice tell you that you would never be good enough and no one could ever love you because you have too many flaws? Have you heard that voice before? Let me … Continue reading Not Today, Satan. Not Today.

When You Obey God

Have you ever looked back on your life and realized God placed you on that specific path for a reason? I have. There is actually a story behind how my book, Kylie's Corner, ended up getting published. You all (my readers) probably found my blog and had no idea that I was finishing up the … Continue reading When You Obey God

Do You Wish You Could Go Back?

I remember waking up early on Saturday mornings to watch cartoons and eat cereal, while still being in my pajamas! During my childhood, I would always play with barbies and of course, my baby dolls. It was such a great time to be alive since this was way before technology took over the entire world. … Continue reading Do You Wish You Could Go Back?

10 Things You Don’t Know About Me

**Picture taken by me, please do not use as your own** Hi, everyone! How is everyone's day today? I hope you all are having a fantastic week so far! For those of you who are new here on my blog, thank you for joining me and I have come to the conclusion that many of … Continue reading 10 Things You Don’t Know About Me

Put One Foot In Front of The Other

This Bible Verse is so comforting to me because even though we may stumble when God places us in difficult situations, we won't totally fall. God tends to always hold onto us when we feel like we are about to fall and He ends up catching us. Doesn't that feel comforting to you? There are … Continue reading Put One Foot In Front of The Other

I’m Sorry, I’m Not Perfect.

Have you ever felt this huge pressure by other people to always be perfect and if you're not, you'll be looked down upon? Well, I have. Ever since I started this blog and became an Author, some people tell me that I shouldn't be talking about a certain topic with others and how I should do … Continue reading I’m Sorry, I’m Not Perfect.

Leaving A Legacy For Jesus

Some people worry about others not remembering them when they go see Jesus in Heaven. They ask themselves, "what if the world forgets who I am and everything I have done on Earth?" I honestly don't want people to remember me as only Kylie, the one who would write Kylie's Corner or be known for … Continue reading Leaving A Legacy For Jesus

Why I Never Drink

I have always wanted to write about this topic, but I was too afraid to because what if I shared too much information, you know? But... what if I wasn't alone? What if someone has gone through an experience in the past that influenced their actions and behaviors today just like me? I just want … Continue reading Why I Never Drink

Appreciation Post For All Of My Viewers From September

Hi, everyone! I can't believe we are in October already! I appreciate every single one of my subscribers and for everyone who comments on my blog posts. It really means so much to me. Here is a list of all of the countries who viewed my content from September. Thank you: Uganda -East Africa United States … Continue reading Appreciation Post For All Of My Viewers From September