Do You Wish You Could Go Back?
When I was a child, I

I remember waking up early on Saturday mornings to watch cartoons and eat cereal, while still being in my pajamas! During my childhood, I would always play with barbies and of course, my baby dolls. It was such a great time to be alive since this was way before technology took over the entire world.

I played outside a lot even though there were times where I just wanted to stay inside. The thing I enjoyed the most when I was a child, was playing school in my room and I was the teacher. That was the best thing ever!

Growing Up Without Technology.

I can speak for my own generation, we did NOT grow up with IPad’s or iPhone’s occupying us daily. However, we did have Leap Pads; they are more educational for a child and helps them learn. I am so thankful that technology didn’t explode during my generation because we actually got to be kids and did things without society trying to “butt in.”

Today, we see children either on their own electronic device or on their parents’ phone. There are even some children who have owned an electronic device ever since they were three years old. What is wrong with this picture?! I have taken child development courses in college and I have learned that when children are connected to their electronic devices 24/7, it is difficult for their brains to develop correctly since they are so young. Honestly, it is not good for children to be on an electronic device all of the time because they will slowly lose their communication skills since they don’t have time to communicate with their own family.

Everyone in the World is a Nice Person.

Lastly, when I was a child, I saw the world differently than I do in the present. I saw the world as good. I thought there was no one in the world that was considered to be a horrible person. I didn’t know that there are people who are plain out evil in the world and I didn’t see that as a child. I was innocent and I wish I could have some of that back because I can see the world getting worse and worse as the days pass by.

When You Wish You Could Be A Child Again

Have you ever wish that you could be a child again and time travel back to your childhood? It was such a simple time to be back then. We didn’t have to worry about the events going on in our world right now. We didn’t have society telling us what we should and should not wear. Society didn’t have these high standards of perfections that we aren’t able to reach. No one was created to be perfect nor a copy of another individual. We were born to stand out and not “fit in” with the rest of the crowd.

You Have a Purpose In This World.

It is crazy how God wants us to become like little children again (Matthew 18:3) especially when we have been exposed to what the world is actually like. Can we really become sweet and innocent like we once were back then? It is possible with God. We should always strive to see the best in the world and think about how we can make a difference. Remember, you do have the power to change the world for the better!


When you find the time, please listen to “I Wanna Go Back” by David Dunn.

“When it was You and it was me, I had everything I needed. Faith could even move a mountaintop. And then I grew up and then I got older. Then my life got tough and we grew apart. I wanna go back, back to Yes, Jesus loves me.” -David Dunn

Does anyone have any thoughts about this topic? Let me know in the comments! I hope everyone has a happy Friday! You will overcome whatever life is throwing at you this week, God’s got this!


2 thoughts on “Do You Wish You Could Go Back?

  1. It takes a desire to have the innocence of God. Unfortunately, most don’t want it. But, Jesus’s peace is the only peace. There is none else.

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