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Happy Halloween, everyone! I hope you all take the time to spend it with your family! Honestly, today is so special to me because of four years ago on Halloween, my family actually got an adorable puppy when we attended a family party! Yep, you read that right! My family and I didn’t know that we would be getting a puppy on Halloween. We were clueless!

**All Pictures below were taken by me, please don’t use them as your own**


Here is our dog, Sophie! She was only about a month old in this picture and I was the one to pick her out. Sophie had other siblings with her and they were all cute too! She is part pug, and a Pomeranian Dachund.

My family is so blessed to have her in our lives, she has changed our family for the better! Of course, during that night of Halloween, my Mom kept on telling us, no, but little did she know, she was going to give in!

Here are more pictures of Sophie when she was a puppy:


Isn’t she adorable? My Mom always says that she is actually a trick since she became part of our family on Halloween! Sophie isn’t your typical dog, she is unique in many ways! She loves socks and biting my feet! She is hilarious and never fails to make me laugh! Let’s be real, Sophie was meant to be ours on October 31, 2014, and she has brought so much joy into our family! We love Sophie so much, can’t you tell?

Here are a few more pictures of Sophie:


**Sophie’s first time seeing SNOW!**


**Sophie is a Halloween baby!**


What can I say? Sophie is a “treat” for our family and it wouldn’t be the same without her! This is why Halloween has so much meaning behind it because that was when Sophie became part of our family. I hope everyone has a Happy Halloween!


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6 thoughts on “Is It A Trick Or Treat?

  1. She is so cute Kylie yes God knew where she needed to be and gave me peace also knowing she was getting a great family. Thanks for joining us for Halloween making memories with family.

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