Appreciation Post For All of My Viewers From October


Happy November everyone! I can’t believe it will be 2019 really soon! I enjoy writing blog posts for my subscribers and I am so thankful for each and every one of you. I always make an effort to stop and take the time to recognize all of my viewers from the previous months, plus a few sweet comments I received. This shows how much you all mean to me. I hope everyone continues to follow on this journey with me and the support y’all continue to give me means so much to me.

Thank you:

United States




United Kingdom

United Arab Emirates










It honestly makes me so happy when someone from a different Country other than the United States views my blog, so thank you sooo much!


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These comments will always mean so much to me and I encourage everyone to read their blogs. I love my blogger friends!

IMG_3723 2

This comment from Eclectic Contrarian honestly inspired me and this shows we all struggle with something, so thank you for sharing your testimony with me!


The comment from Dorothy means a lot to me too because it reminds to always stay true to who I am no matter what.


This comment from Ragazza Triste means so much to me and it is my reminder that we, us girls, need to build one another up by complimenting one another!


This comment by Tammy is so sweet, thank you so much for praying for me!

IMG_3724 2

Thank you, Gwen, for always commenting on my blog posts! This special comment reminded me that when I find myself worrying about life, I need to stop and just give it all to God because He is in control.


I hope everyone has a blessed month!

Remember: Make every day count because this year will be over before you know it!



8 thoughts on “Appreciation Post For All Of My Viewers From October

  1. I feel incredibly blessed that you were inspired by that comment. And I’m glad you’ve befriended me! However, the typo in my comment is making the perfectionism in me go crazy right now lol!! But thank you!

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