When God Teaches You A Lesson

Let me just put this out there before I tell y'all this story - God does have a sense of humor! So this entire thing happened on April 1st. As I was driving back home from class, my front left tire got too close to the curb and it caused me to have a flat … Continue reading When God Teaches You A Lesson

The Top YouTube Channels That Bring Positivity Into My Life

So, this year I have been watching new YouTubers and I really don't remember how I found them, but all five of them has brought so much positivity into my life! They literally motivate me to always start the day on a positive note and to be honest, a few of them has kinda made … Continue reading The Top YouTube Channels That Bring Positivity Into My Life

Jesus Will Comfort You

This is such a comforting Bible Verse! Before I get into it, today is Good Friday, which is the day Jesus died on the cross at 3:00. I always say this when Easter comes around, but a lot can happen in three days! And by the way, Easter is my most favorite celebration ever because … Continue reading Jesus Will Comfort You

Fighting My Battles

I remember a year ago on April 17, 2018, I made a decision that ended up making me become the best version of myself. It was like my escape from everything I went through in March 2018... If you're new to the Kylie's Corner & More and you haven't read How The Outlook On Life … Continue reading Fighting My Battles

It’s Not Your Will, It’s God’s.

So starting now, I will be using y'alls Bible Verses from the Bible Verse Tag post for Kylie's Corner each week! I thought this would be something different and fun to do to change it up a bit! I actually needed this Bible Verse more than I thought and I can relate to this in … Continue reading It’s Not Your Will, It’s God’s.

Being An Overachiever…

I was challenged by my new follower, Matthew from the Normal Happenings Blog to write about a time where I was called an overachiever. Well, I actually don't remember the last time I was called that, but I am going to talk to y'all about the reasons why I am the way I am - … Continue reading Being An Overachiever…

“I’m Thankful For Your Scars.”

This blog post is actually inspired by a song I heard on the radio as I was driving home from class one day. It's called, "Scars" by I AM THEY. Like always, I'll link the music video down below so y'all can listen to it. I remember the first time I listened to it and … Continue reading “I’m Thankful For Your Scars.”

Let’s Be Real…

Here's another post about social media for ya! Lately, I have been so out of the loop to the point I don't even know what is going on in our world today! I know, I need to be more aware of what's happening, but it is kinda hard to do that since I used to … Continue reading Let’s Be Real…

Appreciation Post For All of My Viewers From March

Happy April everyone, it finally feels like Spring! I hope everyone had a great month in March and this year is for real flying by so quickly! Oh, and Happy April Fools Day! Anyways, if you're new to the Kylie's Corner & More blog, I recognize my subscribers (you guys), and the different countries people … Continue reading Appreciation Post For All of My Viewers From March