Be Your Beautiful Self

This Kylie's Corner was inspired by the new Netflix original movie, The Tall Girl. If you don't have Netflix, I linked the trailer so you can watch it - just click on the The Tall Girl that is in the previous sentence and it will take you to the trailer! I love the meaning behind … Continue reading Be Your Beautiful Self

Why You Need to Take Care of Yourself First

If you are a guy reading this, you might want to not read this post because what I’m going to talk about is personal and ladies, y’all know what I’m talking about! I’m honestly kinda afraid to write a blog post about this, but what keeps me going is that there might be a girl … Continue reading Why You Need to Take Care of Yourself First

The Power of Yet

We are all on different journeys and we shouldn't compare our jouney to someone else's because God is taking you on a different route - your route is not like anyone else's and it's your own. We are all working towards something in our lives right now. The way our minds approach whatever we're working … Continue reading The Power of Yet

Having The Strength to Face The Unknown

**Here is the first part of my PCOS Journey series** Y'all, last week was just one of those weeks and everything felt off - I think the full moon on last Friday had something to do with it! Did you feel like something was off last week? I made these graphics last Wednesday for this … Continue reading Having The Strength to Face The Unknown

Be Yourself, Especially When People Are Watching

This is kinda similar to the post about how to stop worrying about what other people think of you; however, I'm going in a totally different direction with this one! Have you ever tried to be someone you're not? Be honest with yourself. We have probably all been there at one point in our lives. … Continue reading Be Yourself, Especially When People Are Watching

Tips That Will Help Motivate You

Since College is back in full swing, the past two weeks of it has already been so busy, but that just means I'm closer to being finished (I have three more semesters to go after this one, the countdown is on!). If you are a College student - I can relate to you because you know … Continue reading Tips That Will Help Motivate You

Protecting Your Inner Peace

This is something that I have been learning to do this year and there has been many lessons that God put me through that has shown me how protecting my inner peace is so important. Before I get into this Kylie's Corner for today, I want to ask you something: do you know what inner … Continue reading Protecting Your Inner Peace

Becoming More Confidently You

What comes to your mind when you think of the word, confidence? Some may think about body image right away. Some may think confidence is about not being insecure and loving the way you look. Some may think it is about loving all your flaws. Some may say it is about being happy. Some may … Continue reading Becoming More Confidently You

Appreciation Post For All Of My Viewers From August

Another new month... Another new challenge! Happy September, everyone! Like always, I hope this month is filled with blessings for all of you! If you're new to the Kylie's Corner & More blog, thank you for joining the family! I recognize my subscribers (you guys), and the different countries y'all view my blog posts from. … Continue reading Appreciation Post For All Of My Viewers From August