I have so many thoughts about what has been going on in the United States and around the world, but before I get started, here are some images I have found on social media that basically sums up what has been happening.

Please feel free to pause the slide show to read each image.

In the fourth picture, it’s about how someone “predicted” that the coronavirus would happen in 2020 and take over the world. I think it’s a hoax and this popped up to keep people talking. I am curious to see if the ‘2020’ part is actually in the book because anyone can photoshop this.

I also love the last two pictures, I truly believe we all needed some time to just slow down and to focus on what really matters. We are so used to go, go, go all the time and this time, it is different. God is trying to tell us something – we must keep our eyes on God instead of the world.

Like I have said, I have so many thoughts about this entire situation and I really don’t know where to start.

It’s insane to see people do every little thing the media is telling them.

Media: “This is serious and deadly, we must cancel everything. Make sure you stock up on all the food and other needs because who knows when this coronavirus will last.”

People: *Legit rushes to the store all at once to stock up on toilet paper and other things to the point all the aisles are completely empty

Something is wrong here. Why do we do listen to the media and believe every little thing they tell us??

The media has injected so much fear in people.

The way I see it, is that we are the ones on strings being told what to do. We are being manipulated. We are not pawns nor objects to be messed with. We all have our own thoughts and feelings. We have the ability to think for ourselves without even being told what to do. So, why do we listen to the media? Why do we do everything they say to do?

The real questions is why don’t we listen to the Bible and do everything that God tells us what we need to do in order to be in Heaven?

We are supposed to follow God instead of following what the media tells us.

Being caught up in the media, will cause you to believe everything you hear and will even cause you to freak out. I know everything is being cancelled because of this coronavirus…

I will say that when I first heard about how there was this virus that came from China and now it’s in the United States, there wasn’t an ounce of fear inside my body. I didn’t think it was that serious as to how people were talking and I knew things were going to start getting crazy once events such as the Rodeo were getting cancelled.

Y’all… late at night on Wednesday, March 11, 2020, mind you I was on Spring Break during this week, I received an Email from the College saying how there wasn’t going to be any face-to-face classes on campus or any classes at all on the week of March 16 (this week). I get another week off from college. Then, the Email also stated how starting on March 23, all classes will be held online, so we won’t be having class on campus and who knows if or when we will get to go back to campus for this semester. Update: All of my classes will be online through May 2, 2020. Mind you, before this, my classes were all face-to-face and now they will be all online. This will be interesting because these classes I’m taking are meant to be only in person classes!

So many school districts have also closed because of this coronavirus and it made me sad. I’m attending college to become an Elementary teacher and all I can think about are the students who love going to school because it’s their safe place and they might not even have food to eat. For some children, the food they eat at school during lunch time is their dinner. Think about that.

If the media didn’t exist…

During this situation, we would actually be thinking for ourselves and doing our own thing that is best for us during this time.

What if only the President made us aware about the coronavirus instead of news outlets, social media, etc. informing us and stirring everything up?

I can already tell you that no one would be worrying like how we are now because of the media.

We wouldn’t be doing everything the media says to do.

We wouldn’t all be stocking up on toilet paper or groceries.

Yes, we would be precautious about everything, but we wouldn’t have that fear we have today.

I can tell you right now that everything is going to be okay because do you know why?

God’s got this!

It’s all in His hands and that, my friends, is the reason why I’m not scared.

Everyone around me is saying how this coronavirus situation is terrifying and I just don’t understand why everyone is living in fear right now. I guess I don’t understand because I pushed fear out of my life and I no longer live in fear 24/7. It’s not good for me and it’s not good for you, either. Fear can cause so much stress and mess with your health. This is why we must not live in fear. We cannot let some virus get to us like this and we cannot let it stop us from living our lives. We just can’t.

Stuck being in the house because of this?

Do something that isn’t media related (no social media or being on your phone/electronics). Do something you have never done before. Pick up a book you have always wanted to read and read it.

Now is the time to do something without our phones. Without the media. Without bingeing shows on Netflix or any other streaming company. Do something that matters. Do something that you loved to do way before technology took over our lives.

Who knows when this whole thing is going to last, but we are going to get through this and everything is going to be ok in the end. We will be ok. I just know it.

Here are some tips to help you get through this time:

  1. Stop worrying. Take a deep breath and exhale.
  2. Don’t let fear control you; fear is a liar.
  3. Talk to God to help you get through this and pray for everyone, especially those who have the coronavirus.
  4. To make most of your time, do something that you have enjoyed way before technology ever existed.
  5. Keep washing your hands.
  6. Make sure you are eating healthy – eat fruits and vegetables daily
  7. Drink EmergenC – this is Vitamin C and it will help boost your immune system. You can get it at the grocery store and it’s a powder you pour into your water. Back in December, my MawMaw had both types of the flu and she didn’t even know she had the flu until you went to the Doctor. I was around her so much before she realized what she had and yes, I freaked out! Once I knew that she had the flu, I drank a huge glass of water with EmergenC in it to help me not get the flu and it’s a blessing that I never once got sick! I hardly ever get sick and it’s probably because I’m constantly eating healthy!
  8. Stop letting the media control you.

I will leave you with this:

No disaster can overtake you. No plague can come near your dwelling; For He shall give His angels charge over you, to keep you in all your ways. -Psalm 91:10-11

We need to trust God that this will all pass soon and nothing or no one can ever destroy us. It’s all going to be ok because God has His angels protecting us. Lastly, God loves you so much and He will never leave your side. He is right there with you through all of this. I do believe all of this is happening because God wants us to trust Him and we need to. Lastly, don’t let fear overtake your life. You don’t deserve it. The media should be ashamed of themselves for causing everyone to fear and for all the craziness that have been happening!

When you find the time, please listen to “Peace Be Still” by The Belonging Co. featuring Lauren Daigle

“Peace be still
Say the word and I will
Set my feet upon the sea 
Till I’m dancing in the deep
Oh peace be still
You are here so it is well
Even when my eyes can’t see 
I will trust the voice that speaks

I’m not gonna be afraid 
‘Cause these waves are only waves
I’m not gonna be afraid 
I’m not gonna be afraid
I’m not gonna fear the storm
You are greater than its roar
I’m not gonna fear the storm
I’m not gonna fear at all”

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“I can tell you right now that everything is going to be okay because do you know why? God’s got this! It’s all in His hands and that, my friends, is the reason why I’m not scared of the coronavirus.”

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