Carrying Our Pain

Our pain is our cross. Jesus had to carry His cross by himself and He was in so much pain. Whoever wants to be My Disciple must deny themselves and take up their cross and follow Me. -Mark 8:34 I don't know why I haven't ever thought about this before, but our pain symbolizes our … Continue reading Carrying Our Pain

God Warned Us

I have been doing some thinking, especially with everything that has been going on in the world - Australia is currently on fire and we have lost so many animals because of it. Why is it on fire? Who knows. It's just like how part of California was on fire. Then, we have this whole … Continue reading God Warned Us

Being Understanding

Have you ever judged someone for doing something you really don't agree with? What if the person is going through something that you are clueless about, which causes them to do whatever they are doing? We honestly don't know what every single person is going through on the inside and we don't know what all … Continue reading Being Understanding

It's Time To Start New

The quote by Walk the Earth motivates and encourages me every single time I read it! Take a moment to read the quote above to yourself. Do you feel powerful after you read it and feel like you can do anything you put your mind to? Doesn't it encourage you and make you think, "yes, … Continue reading It's Time To Start New

Be Thankful For Where You Are Now

I can't wait until my life is together. Why can't we just speed past the college life and go straight to where we have our entire life together like we will know exactly the job we will be working at, what our life will be like in ten years, who we will end up with, … Continue reading Be Thankful For Where You Are Now

Why You Should Choose Your Words Wisely

If you don't think your words matter or have the potential to make someone feel bad, you're wrong. You never know the last time you will ever speak to someone. What if you said something hurtful to someone and something happened to them the next day? Would you regret the things you said to them? … Continue reading Why You Should Choose Your Words Wisely

An Open Letter: To The One Who Cannot Help Being A People Pleaser

In society today, we tend to focus more on making other people happy without even thinking about how we feel on the inside. We worry so much about what people might think of us or wonder about what people might say if we do a certain thing. Trust me, we have all been there before! … Continue reading An Open Letter: To The One Who Cannot Help Being A People Pleaser

Sit Back And Watch God Do His Thing

Have you ever just sat back and watch God do His thing with your life? When you do this, you're not worrying about what can happen and you focus more on what could go right. Situations can even go differently when we pray about it before acting on it. Let me repeat that again. When … Continue reading Sit Back And Watch God Do His Thing

Don’t Look Back

Have you ever felt like starting everything over and start fresh again? As if you want to be cleansed of everything that had happened in your life? Do you ever feel like things keep on getting worse and worse; it's all out of your control? Do you ever want to be free from everything like, … Continue reading Don’t Look Back

When God Doesn’t Calm The Storm

Have you ever been in a situation where things kept on getting worse and worse, but you didn't understand why it was all happening to you? Did you feel as if you were distant from God or did it bring you closer to Him? I am currently learning that there are times where God doesn't … Continue reading When God Doesn’t Calm The Storm