Why You Need To Face Your Fears

Time and time again, God strengthens us by pulling us out of our so-called comfort zones! I know, it's not easy at all and I hope at the end of this blog post, you won't be afraid of facing your fears. Recently, God has been showing me how strong I really am. Last week, I … Continue reading Why You Need To Face Your Fears

Jesus Will Comfort You

This is such a comforting Bible Verse! Before I get into it, today is Good Friday, which is the day Jesus died on the cross at 3:00. I always say this when Easter comes around, but a lot can happen in three days! And by the way, Easter is my most favorite celebration ever because … Continue reading Jesus Will Comfort You

Being An Overachiever…

I was challenged by my new follower, Matthew from the Normal Happenings Blog to write about a time where I was called an overachiever. Well, I actually don't remember the last time I was called that, but I am going to talk to y'all about the reasons why I am the way I am - … Continue reading Being An Overachiever…

An Open Letter To The One Who Struggles With Anxiety

Does anyone here battle with anxiety every single day? Are you constantly finding yourself worrying about the future? Do you feel like you can't fully be your own self because of it? This blog post is specifically for you. I have chosen Matthew 6:26 for a reason. The story behind it fits perfectly for those … Continue reading An Open Letter To The One Who Struggles With Anxiety

To The One Who Needs Encouragement For 2019

To the one who is burnt out from 2018 and can't go on any longer, God sees you. To the one who has so much anxiety to the point they can barely breathe, cast all of your fears to God. Put everything in His hands. To the one who worries about the future, take one … Continue reading To The One Who Needs Encouragement For 2019

For When You Have Anxiety

This is for anyone with anxiety, worries, or fears. I know that it is a constant battle between you and your mind because I do have anxiety just like you. It can be difficult to live your life at times instead of worrying about everything. Let me just straight up say it,  Fear is a … Continue reading For When You Have Anxiety

Elevate Your Faith

Every day that passes, God places us in several situations that put our faith to the test. For instance, you may have been in a situation where you literally have to put your faith on the line. Back when I was in High School, there were people who would make fun of me because I … Continue reading Elevate Your Faith

Stop Living Your Life In Fear

Everyone has a fear of something in their life. For instance, it could be a fear of failing, driving, death, and simply fearing life itself. We are human, so it is ok to have fears because no one is perfect. However, it is not ok to let your fears control your entire life. I know, it … Continue reading Stop Living Your Life In Fear

The Bible Verse That Is Sentimental To Me

Over the years, I have been through so much, but who hasn't in their past? We all learn from something and there are people who have been through the same thing as you, so you are definitely not alone. Looking back, I have had so many Bible verses that helped me through out each chapter … Continue reading The Bible Verse That Is Sentimental To Me