God, Grant Us Peace This Christmas

There are so many people in this world who need peace this Christmas because they are grieving. God, grant us peace. Right now, someone may be wishing that their loved one in Heaven could celebrate  Christmas with them. Someone will be spending their first Christmas without their loved one and they don't know what to do … Continue reading God, Grant Us Peace This Christmas

What The Fall Semester Taught Me

I am finally seeing the "light at the end of the tunnel!" I am officially done with all of my classes this semester, which means I am able to focus more on my blog! I am so excited that I get to work on improving my blog and making it better for all of you. … Continue reading What The Fall Semester Taught Me

Choose Joy

Have you ever been in a situation where you are so excited about something that is important to you so you begin to tell everyone around you what you are planning to do, but then someone tells you something that you shouldn't do that? Has that ever happened to you? Did it make you mad … Continue reading Choose Joy

How To Forgive When It Is Difficult To Forget

If you tend to have a difficult time forgiving people after they have hurt you, then this post is for you! I know we all have that one person in mind who have either hated, used, despised, neglected, disrespected, and mocked us. What do you do when you are in that situation? Do you try … Continue reading How To Forgive When It Is Difficult To Forget

3.2.1. Quote Me Challenge!

I have been challenged by one of my blogging friends, The Eclectic Contrarian to do the 3.2.1 Quote Me Challenge. Thank you for nominating me! The Rules Of This Challenge Are As Follows: • Thank the Selector • Post 2 quotes for the dedicated topic of the day • Select 3 bloggers to take part … Continue reading 3.2.1. Quote Me Challenge!