Trying To Keep Your Head Above Water

Have you ever felt like you were trying to keep your head above water with all of your might? Isn't it exhausting? During that time of your life, did it feel like you were just going through the motions - routine after routine every. single. day.? Keeping Your Head Above Water As it gets closer … Continue reading Trying To Keep Your Head Above Water

When You Obey God

Have you ever looked back on your life and realized God placed you on that specific path for a reason? I have. There is actually a story behind how my book, Kylie's Corner, ended up getting published. You all (my readers) probably found my blog and had no idea that I was finishing up the … Continue reading When You Obey God

How To Have Motivation When You Are Running Out Of It

Do you find yourself with no motivation at all to do things? There may be times where you feel like lying in bed while watching Netflix even though you need to work on whatever it is you should be doing. I totally understand. You may feel like life itself is exhausting and your motivation is … Continue reading How To Have Motivation When You Are Running Out Of It

How To Prevent Procrastinating

Hi, everyone! I am so excited to talk to y'all about this topic! I will be discussing three important tips I found that help me to not procrastinate. If you struggle with procrastinating, I encourage you to stick around and maybe try some of these tips. For those who don't know, throughout most of my life, … Continue reading How To Prevent Procrastinating