Sacrifice. What exactly does that word mean? Sacrifice means that we give up whatever we have to God - what we enjoy, our phones, going to places, etc. We also make sacrifices when it comes to relationships. We make sacrifices every day without realizing it! Today, more than ever, we are making sacrifices. I keep … Continue reading Sacrifices

In A Matter Of Time, Life Changes

On March 8, 2020, I attended an Orchestra for one of my college classes and I wanted to just get the two page paper done before I was officially on Spring Break! While I was at this Orchestra, there were a lot of older people there and I saw this one lady put on latex … Continue reading In A Matter Of Time, Life Changes

Searching For Light In The Darkness

During this time, it might be difficult for you to find light in this darkness we are in. You might feel anxious because of the thought of not going anywhere and how you have to stay in one place. You might also be scared of the unknown and you wonder for how long this is … Continue reading Searching For Light In The Darkness

A World Without Media

I have so many thoughts about what has been going on in the United States and around the world, but before I get started, here are some images I have found on social media that basically sums up what has been happening. Please feel free to pause the slide show to read each image. In … Continue reading A World Without Media

Life Is Precious

Life is precious and most of the time, we take it for granted. In Wednesday's blog post, I basically write an open letter to the girl I used to be two years ago. In this letter, my present self was telling my past self everything that would happen and I told her to not give … Continue reading Life Is Precious

What If…

Dying is scary to think about. Is it because we don’t know what is going to happen to us when we die and what it would be like? Or when the time will come? We think that we will live forever and we’ll never die... until it hits us, that it’s our time soon. We … Continue reading What If…

Getting Used To Things Taking A Different Turn…

If you're new here, I have done a series that leads up to finding out that I have Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome. I go through everything - from explaining what my body has been through that led me to take action by going to the Doctor because I felt like something was totally off with my … Continue reading Getting Used To Things Taking A Different Turn…

21 Things I learned When I Was 21!

Since I turned 22 on January 26, I figured I should share with y'all about the 21 things I have learned when I was 21! I honestly will never forget the year of being 21 because so much happened, which led me to grow even more as an individual. Here we go! Taking care of … Continue reading 21 Things I learned When I Was 21!

Something That Seems So Huge To Us Is So Small To God

At the end of this blog post, I said, "something might seem so huge for you, but it's nothing when it comes to God." It doesn't mean that God views our wants as nothing as if it doesn't matter to Him. It does matter. What I'm saying is that God notices when you work so … Continue reading Something That Seems So Huge To Us Is So Small To God