What Will Happen To Us?

So many things have been happening in the United States. This post isn't going to be about where my political views stand - I honestly don't think I have ever written a blog post about "which side I'm on" and I'm not going to reveal that. I'm also not going to push my views and … Continue reading What Will Happen To Us?

Be Thankful For Where You Are Now

I can't wait until my life is together. Why can't we just speed past the college life and go straight to where we have our entire life together like we will know exactly the job we will be working at, what our life will be like in ten years, who we will end up with, … Continue reading Be Thankful For Where You Are Now

Make Every Day As If It’s Your Last

If you died today, would you be content with how you have lived your life? Would you regret doing anything or feel like you should have done something instead of not doing it at all? What would you do if someone told you that this day was your last day to live? How would you … Continue reading Make Every Day As If It’s Your Last

Protecting Your Inner Peace

This is something that I have been learning to do this year and there has been many lessons that God put me through that has shown me how protecting my inner peace is so important. Before I get into this Kylie's Corner for today, I want to ask you something: do you know what inner … Continue reading Protecting Your Inner Peace

It’s Time To Say Thank You

Since Father's Day was this past weekend, I thought I should write about this. Ever since I stopped seeing my biological father, I dreaded Father's Day. I guess it was the thought of seeing everyone's posts on social media about how great their fathers were to them. Every time Father's Day would come around, it … Continue reading It’s Time To Say Thank You

When You Surrender it All to God

It's so crazy how we have all of these hopes and dreams, but once God tells us it is time, we don't want to move out of our comfort zones. Don't worry, I'm the same way; however, nothing ever grows in comfort zones. We have to start expecting the unexpected because let's face it - … Continue reading When You Surrender it All to God