An Open Letter: To The One Who Cannot Help Being A People Pleaser

In society today, we tend to focus more on making other people happy without even thinking about how we feel on the inside. We worry so much about what people might think of us or wonder about what people might say if we do a certain thing. Trust me, we have all been there before! … Continue reading An Open Letter: To The One Who Cannot Help Being A People Pleaser

Appreciation Post For All Of My Viewers From November

I hope everyone had a blessed Thanksgiving and wow, we're so close to leaving 2019 behind and beginning a new decade!! If you're new to the Kylie's Corner & More blog, welcome! Each time we go into a new month, I take the time to thank y'all for all the love y'all give this blog … Continue reading Appreciation Post For All Of My Viewers From November

Sit Back And Watch God Do His Thing

Have you ever just sat back and watch God do His thing with your life? When you do this, you're not worrying about what can happen and you focus more on what could go right. Situations can even go differently when we pray about it before acting on it. Let me repeat that again. When … Continue reading Sit Back And Watch God Do His Thing

Don’t Look Back

Have you ever felt like starting everything over and start fresh again? As if you want to be cleansed of everything that had happened in your life? Do you ever feel like things keep on getting worse and worse; it's all out of your control? Do you ever want to be free from everything like, … Continue reading Don’t Look Back

Is Everything So Unrealistic?

The quote above sums up this blog post! Is it ironic that I'm watching a Hallmark Christmas movie as I'm writing this?? I have been thinking about writing this blog post ever since the Hallmark Christmas movies started on October 25 (I know, I'm talking about Christmas so early and it's not even Thanksgiving, yet!). … Continue reading Is Everything So Unrealistic?

Let There Be Peace…

When I think of "Let There Be Peace," I imagine God letting there be peace on the entire world. When He does this, there won't be any wars. There won't be any tragedies in our own lives and in the world. We won't be worrying about the future and wondering if we would be financially … Continue reading Let There Be Peace…

Ways To Come To Terms With Change

Since October is finally coming to a close, our challenge for this month was to embrace the change in our lives and the last blog post was about why we need to let change into our lives. This blog post is all about ways that might help us accept the change in our lives! It's … Continue reading Ways To Come To Terms With Change

Seasons Change

The leaves are changing... Leaves are falling... The time will be changing soon... It will be getting colder because Winter is almost here (hopefully, if Texas gets it together because Texas weather is unpredictable!). We're in the season of change! If you think about it, our lives are constantly changing and we each go through … Continue reading Seasons Change

Make Every Day As If It’s Your Last

If you died today, would you be content with how you have lived your life? Would you regret doing anything or feel like you should have done something instead of not doing it at all? What would you do if someone told you that this day was your last day to live? How would you … Continue reading Make Every Day As If It’s Your Last

When Everything Started Making Sense

This is the third part of the series - if you haven't read the first part or the second, I encourage you to read those first and then this one because it won't make sense if you start reading this blog post first before the other two. I received my blood results from all 12 … Continue reading When Everything Started Making Sense