Being A Globalized Citizen

For this Kylie's Corner, I'm going to do something a little bit different! There won't be a quote or Bible verse to start the blog post off because I'm going to attempt to do some poetry - I'm free styling it! Last week, in one of my classes, we learned about what being a globalized … Continue reading Being A Globalized Citizen

How To Be The Light For Someone

Over the years of writing Kylie's Corner for my Churches Bulletin, my goal has always been to "let my light shine" so others will find God through my words. That is also why I love to write: to inspire others and lead the world closer to God because let's face it, our world needs Him … Continue reading How To Be The Light For Someone

When God Teaches You A Lesson

Let me just put this out there before I tell y'all this story - God does have a sense of humor! So this entire thing happened on April 1st. As I was driving back home from class, my front left tire got too close to the curb and it caused me to have a flat … Continue reading When God Teaches You A Lesson