How To Forgive When It Is Difficult To Forget

If you tend to have a difficult time forgiving people after they have hurt you, then this post is for you! I know we all have that one person in mind who have either hated, used, despised, neglected, disrespected, and mocked us. What do you do when you are in that situation? Do you try … Continue reading How To Forgive When It Is Difficult To Forget

The Struggles of Coming From A Divorced Family

I have been putting this topic off for a while now, but this is something that I feel like I need to discuss with you all. This is for all of you who are constantly going through the struggle of having parents that are divorced. I know it can be difficult at times. I have … Continue reading The Struggles of Coming From A Divorced Family

When You Obey God

Have you ever looked back on your life and realized God placed you on that specific path for a reason? I have. There is actually a story behind how my book, Kylie's Corner, ended up getting published. You all (my readers) probably found my blog and had no idea that I was finishing up the … Continue reading When You Obey God

Do You Wish You Could Go Back?

I remember waking up early on Saturday mornings to watch cartoons and eat cereal, while still being in my pajamas! During my childhood, I would always play with barbies and of course, my baby dolls. It was such a great time to be alive since this was way before technology took over the entire world. … Continue reading Do You Wish You Could Go Back?

I’m Sorry, I’m Not Perfect.

Have you ever felt this huge pressure by other people to always be perfect and if you're not, you'll be looked down upon? Well, I have. Ever since I started this blog and became an Author, some people tell me that I shouldn't be talking about a certain topic with others and how I should do … Continue reading I’m Sorry, I’m Not Perfect.

Why I Never Drink

  I have always wanted to write about this topic, but I was too afraid to because what if I shared too much information, you know? But... what if I wasn't alone? What if someone has gone through an experience in the past that influenced their actions and behaviors today just like me? I just … Continue reading Why I Never Drink

A Flashback From Your Past

Have you ever witnessed something around you that you have been through before, but it was happening to someone else? I have. It is as if God wanted to show you what your life used to be like. Before I get into this story, there is a few details that you need to know. From … Continue reading A Flashback From Your Past